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We have worked with many law firms and understand how painful it is to prepare a brief. It’s a critical task but involves a lot of manual work which can keep one team member occupied for hours.

ReVal Legal Support Services can deliver professionally prepared electronic brief or bundle of documents as per your requirements.

All that you require to have a brief in
ready state is covered by us

No need to do any manual work as our professionally prepared briefs will include everything you seek

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  • Categorised and properly organised documents
  • Paginated index
  • OCRed collated documents
  • Faster turnaround

Preparation of Electronic Briefs, Court Books and Document Bundles = Biggest Time Drainer for Law Firms

Did you know?

30+ hours

Time that a law small or mid level law firm spends in this menial task each month.

This is costly to law firms due to the following reasons:
  • 1
    Manual Job

    This is always time-consuming and labour-intensive, as it requires lawyers and support staff to manually rename, categorize, sort, index, collate and then paginate documents.

  • 2
    Lack of Process

    Law firms often lack procedures and protocols to divide documents in separate folders when adding them in the legal practice management software.

  • 3

    Overall, preparation of electronic briefs, court books, and document bundles can be a significant drain on the time and resources of law firms. This can lead to last minute rush or even delays.

Interested in solving this problem for your law firm? Trust the briefing experts.
Numbers say it all…
  • 600+ Number of electronic briefs prepared

How does it work?

  • Step 1 - Instructions

    Documents are received through a secured link.

  • Step 2 - Review

    We review the documents and provide you an estimated timeline within which the job will be completed.

  • Step 3 - Execution

    We start the working on organising the documents and prepare a draft index.

  • Step 4 - Review

    The draft index is reviewed by you.

  • Step 5 - Delivery

    Once the draft index is approved, we deliver the completed electronic brief through a secured link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following is the process that we follow:
  • You will need to provide the documents (if they can be attached to emails) or through a link (Dropbox, OneDrive etc.) of documents.
  • Once we receive them, we will quickly start working on sorting the documents.
  • By end of the day, you will receive a status update of the task progress including the estimated time that we will take to complete the task.
  • A draft index will be shared with as soon as we have done the sorting of documents.
  • Once approved, we will provide the final documents through a OneDrive or Google Drive.
  • We will send the draft index to you for your approval which will be finalised only upon your instructions. If you need any revisions in the draft index, this will be done at no additional cost (subject to point c below). The electronic brief will be completed as per the suggested revisions.
  • Once we have provided you the finalised documents and if, at a later stage, you want to remove any of the documents or just want to rearrange the documents in the electronic brief prepared by us, we will do that at no extra cost (subject to point c below).
  • If the revisions at any stage will include adding of more documents, we will provide you with a quotation for that as that’ll additional work.
The data provided by you is highly secure. We adopt the best practices when it comes to maintaining confidentiality in the data of our clients. We ensure your information is not leaked or disseminated to any third party.
We process a large number of documents each month and produce several amazing electronic briefs each month. So far we have worked on over 500,000 documents and converted them into electronic briefs.
If you have any specific instructions or preferences of doing the index or pagination, provide them too.
You do not need to pay anything in advance. We’ll raise our invoice only after providing you the completed electronic brief.
  • There is no set rule, however, to get an electronic brief done, we will need all the documents which you want to share with the barrister.
  • Generally, all correspondence with client or any other internal messages are to be avoided unless you specifically want them to be shared with the barrister.
Typically, an electronic brief in a family law matter will consist of around 50-60 documents. It takes around 3 hours to create this electronic brief. So, if your law firm is doing 10 electronic briefs in a month, they are spending around 30 hours or around 4 working days or close to 20% of the time each month in preparing electronic briefs.
Work with us and have us do the heavy lifting in electronic brief preparation for you. Save time. Earn more.


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