With an intricate knowledge of Conveyancing processes across various states of Australia, we assist law firms as well as Conveyancing firms in handling backend tasks from start to finish.

Specialised Conveyancing Paralegal Services

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  • Post exchange letter along with other required forms
  • PEXA matter creation and monitoring
  • Liaising with other side’s solicitors
  • Liaising with broker or bank regarding loan
  • Searches
  • Calling for rates updates
  • Preparation of settlement adjustment statements
  • Post settlement letters

Importance of Following a Process in Conveyancing

Conveyancing is mechanical and should be done as part of a process

A lawyer can always remain ahead and in control of a Conveyancing matter only if he/she has a process which is being followed religiously.

Not only may Conveyancing practice give results like a cash cow if done as a process, but it can also play a significant role in developing a database of target audiences for future cross-selling of other services such as estate planning.

Did you know?

A study by Deloitte has predicted that the conveyancing industry is readying for a big change in the coming years.

Are you still firefighting and don’t have time to think about ways to stay ahead in the game?

Here are some reasons you may want to consider implementing process in Conveyancing:
  • 1

    Helps in performing tasks seamlessly

  • 2

    Requires limited supervision

  • 3

    Works independently of other practice areas and can be used for cross selling as well as gaining positive reviews from clients

Interested in empowering your law firm with a streamlined Conveyancing process? Trust the Conveyancing paralegal experts.
Numbers say it all…
  • 2000+Conveyancing matters handled from start to finish

Make the most of your time by outsourcing the backend tasks in a Conveyancing matter

  • Save Time

    The services are designed in a way so that you have time on your side.

  • Keep on track

    The tasks are done as per the standard processes.

  • Low fixed fees

    Unmatched value at a low fixed fee.

  • Immediate start

    Trained team members who can hit the ground running.

  • Process driven

    Enjoy the best Conveyancing practice process which can easily integrate with your existing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

The data provided by you is highly secure. We adopt the best practices when it comes to maintaining confidentiality in the data of our clients. We ensure your information is not leaked or disseminated to any third party.
We have worked on over 2,000 settlements across NSW, Victoria, Queensland, ACT, South Australia and Tasmania.
Yes, we use it extensively and cover every aspects of Conveyancing matters as well as other property transfers related tasks required to be done on PEXA.
Yes, we work extensively on LEAP and can even codify precedents to effectively use their automation features. In addition to LEAP, we have worked on all the leading legal practice management software such as Smokeball, Actionstep, Practice Evolve etc.
You do not need to pay anything in advance. We’ll raise our invoice only after the end of first month.


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