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Efficient way of getting the work done
It is observed that many small and mid-level firm owners find them in a fix whenever an employee resigns.
ReVal Legal Support Services can help law firms by managing a lot of backend tasks.
Specialised paralegal services to help law firms in:
Creating sustainable processes
Increased efficiency
Improved client engagement
Increased revenue and profitability
Reduced turnaround times
Why to waste further time on backend work?
Give yourself and your team more time to focus on high value work and increase the effectiveness of your services.
Electronic Briefs
  • Indexation
  • Collated and paginated with bookmarks
  • Tech searchable
  • Handling backend from start to finish
  • Contract reviews
  • Contract preparation
Family Law
  • Disclosure management
  • Drafting
  • Financial disclosure analysis
  • Brief to counsel
Wills and Estate
  • Drafting
  • Administrative
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