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With an intricate knowledge of Conveyancing processes across various states of Australia, we assist law firms as well as Conveyancing firms in handling backend tasks from start to finish.
Specialised Conveyancing Paralegal Services
Post exchange letter along with other required forms
PEXA matter creation and monitoring
Liaising with other side’s solicitors
Liaising with broker or bank regarding loan
Calling for rates updates
Preparation of settlement adjustment statements
Post settlement letters
Make the most of your time by outsourcing the backend tasks in a Conveyancing matter
Save Time
The services are designed in a way so that you have time on your side
Keep on track
The tasks are done as per the standard processes
Low fixed fees
Unmatched value at a low fixed fee
Immediate start
Trained team members who can hit the ground running
Process driven
Enjoy the best Conveyancing practice process which can easily integrate with your existing process
Over settlements handled across NSW, Victoria, Queensland, ACT, South Australia and Tasmania.
Who works on my matters?
ReVal Legal Support Services has a team of law graduates who are trained in handling various tasks in Conveyancing matters. You will be assigned a manager who will be single point of contact throughout your association and will be responsible for your work.
Which states do you cover?
We are working on many settlements across NSW, Victoria, Queensland, ACT, South Australia and Tasmania.