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We have worked with many law firms and understand how painful it is to prepare a brief.

It’s a critical task but involves a lot of manual work which can keep one team member occupied for hours.

ReVal Legal Support Services can deliver professionally prepared briefs or bundle of documents as per your requirements.

All that you require to have a brief in ready state is covered by us.
No need to do any manual work as our professionally prepared briefs will include everything you seek.
Categorised and properly organised documents
Paginated index
OCRed collated documents
Faster turnaround
Complete briefs
We are not a platform which just prepares the index.

ReVal Legal Support Services does the main work of organising documents and prepares the full brief along with the paginated index.
Over being sorted and converted into a professionally prepared briefs by ReVal Legal Support Services already.
Many law firms trust ReVal Legal Support Services to get their briefs done.
How does it work?
Step 1 - Instructions
Documents are received through a secured link.
Step 2 - Review
We review the documents and provide you an estimated timeline within which the job will be completed.
Step 3 - Execution
We start the working on organising the documents and prepare a draft index.
Step 4 - Review
The draft index is reviewed by you.
Step 5 - Delivery
Once the draft index is approved, we deliver the completed brief through a secured link.